أنا وحبيبي

أنا وحبيبي

أنا وحبيبي

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1h 52m 1953 HD

Assistir أنا وحبيبي Filmes em Português. The young Mounir (Mounir Mourad), a talented artist, tries to take advantage of his unique talents, but he faces many difficulties in order to find his way. These difficulties disappear when he falls in love with a famous (Shadia) singer who exchanges feelings of love, and attaches him with her to work in the club where she sings. The nightclub manager interferes to spoil this relationship because he covets marrying her, and her aunt also opposes their relationship. The events follow and the two lovers are exposed to many pressures in order to maintain their love.

أنا وحبيبي (1953)
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