О нём

О нём

О нём

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1h 55m 2012 HD

Assistir О нём Filmes em Português. As a Russian gangster and music producer, Dennis had it all, but everything unravels after his wife commits suicide. He funded his wife's music career with borrowed money from the mafia, but when they come to collect after her funeral, he cannot pay. After discovering unsent love letters written by his wife to a monk named Aleksis, Dennis flees to the countryside to escape the gangsters and set things straight. The problem is, Aleksis took a vow of silence at a monastery after his wife and daughter left him and doesn’t know his wife remarried. With the mafia breathing down their necks, Dennis is determined to tell Aleksis everything, and everyone involved faces hard choices and sacrifices for the ones they love.

О нём (2012)
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