Hell in a Handbag

Hell in a Handbag

Hell in a Handbag

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1h 55m 2013 HD

Assistir Hell in a Handbag Filmes em Português. A video surfaces in the media that appears to show a local Parish priest executing a defenseless man. The church brings in lawyer David Mallory to defend the priest and protect its interests. As David gathers the information he needs for the defense, he sees that things are not entirely what they appear to be. Hell in a Handbag is the chronicles the adventures of Father Michael, an embittered gun-toting exorcist priest, his at times volatile partner, the leather-clad Sister Joan, and their band of misfits including rabbi Ratzenberger, Russian bodyguard Silver, vampire pal Terrance and cross-dressing techie Ellis, as they fight a covert battle against Satan and his minions.

Hell in a Handbag (2013)
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