Ripples under the Skin

Ripples under the Skin

Ripples under the Skin

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0h 29m 2022 HD

Assistir Ripples under the Skin Filmes em Português. 'Ripples Under the Skin' is a story of contestations - contestation of space, resources, claims, narratives... of a community struggling to carve out a living out of a dying profession contending with a city that both embraces and marginalizes, of a profession that thrives of supplying water to homes... water that doesn't discriminate yet over whom many wars have been fought... wars of caste, class, religion... of muslim migrant workers supplying water to homes that are inviting and uninviting, of homes that they are sustained over the labour of these people, yet homes that the same people can never claim as their own, of memory and forgetting, of dreams and spectres... above all, this is a story of struggles.

Ripples under the Skin (2022)
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